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5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

According to the Gallup Organization’s latest report the numbers for employee engagement have barely moved since they started tracking engagement numbers in 2000.

Engagement is defined as being involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to the employee’s work and workplace.  Gallup goes further to suggest the world is in a state of crisis with employee engagement and that in the United States, employee engagement is only at 32%!

The connection between engagement and appreciation

Employees need to know that the work they do is important and that it is appreciated by those around them.
Without a sense of feeling valued engagement decreases, negativity increases, and general apathy sets in.  You may have observed the resulting behaviors:

  • arriving late to work
  • calling in sick repeatedly
  • increased complaining
  • negative conversations with others
  • delivering less than stellar work
The Five Languages of Appreciation Training

Do you recognize these behaviors with your team or want to prevent them from getting there?

Contact HR about bringing the 5 Languages of Appreciation training to your team!

You will learn the 5 languages, how to deliver authentic appreciation, and ways to ensure that appreciation, when shared, hits the mark as intended, instead of falling short.

Email us at DevelopU@smu.edu or call Mary Stall directly at 8-2194.

Read the full engagement report:  The Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis

Sharing Authentic Appreciation at Work

As a manager, do you make encouraging others part of your workday?

Do you understand the value of authentic appreciation in creating a supportive work environment?

Do you know when and how to share appreciation?

Read this recent article by Tim Brown in “A” Magazine titled “applauding employees good work – you can do it”  to learn some tips and best practices.

5LanguagesAnd if you answered “no” to above questions, a new language might help!

HR can support you.  Contact us about bringing the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace training to your team!

Email DevelopU@smu.edu or call Mary Stall at 8-2194 for more information.


The 5 Languages of Appreciation at Work

Did You Know?

  • 79% of employees who quit their jobs cite a lack of appreciation as a key reason for their leaving!
  • 87% of job seekers report the #1 characteristic they desire in a workplace is to feel valued!
  • 65% or North Americans report that they received no recognition or no appreciation at their workplace in the past year!

Lack of Appreciation Results in Stress in the Workplace

The impact of authentic appreciation when staff feel valued is measurable and includes the following:

  • improved relationships between manager, employee, and co-workers
  • increased job satisfaction
  • reduction in tardiness and absenteeism
  • decreased staff turnover
  • diminished internal tension and conflict
  • increased productivity
  • improved customer satisfaction
  • a more positive workplace
  • managers like their jobs more!

Want to Build a Stronger Team Through Appreciation?

Thumbs up

The program consists of 4 modules of training with an Motivating By Appreciation assessment so team members can learn their primary, secondary, and least valued language of appreciation.



The training covers:

  • the importance of appreciation
  • the 5 languages and what they mean
  • how to put the languages to                                                                               work in your organization
  • making it stick

Join us at the Staff Association sponsored Lunch and Learn Series in the month of February or contact Mary Stall directly to learn more about offering the training with your intact team.

Questions?  Email us at DevelopU@smu.edu.

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