SMU Program for the Protection of Minors: The Manager’s Role

Do you, or your direct report, host camps either on or off campus and do your and your employees understand SMU practice with regard to state reporting and SMU record-keeping?
Are you and/or your direct report aware of the state requirement to be trained on recognizing and reporting abuse while working at these camps (SMU employees , non-SMU camp employees, and volunteers)?

SMU seeks to provide a healthy environment for all who visit SMU and/or interact with employees.  In support of this goal, SMU goes above and beyond state law by asking all employees to complete a training program on protecting minors from abuse.

In addition to the one time training for all SMU employees, those who host camps or are employed by these camps are required by the State of Texas to complete the state mandated training every two years.  Additionally, SMU asks Program Coordinators, those who coordinate camps on behalf of others, to also re-train every two years.  Learn more on the Program for the Protection of Minors webpage.

Each year the Office of Risk Management and SMU HR host a seminar to help Camp Operators and and Program Coordinators understand their role and responsibilities with regard to  the duty to report, state reporting and record keeping,  and healthy camp environments.

Camp Operators and Program Coordinators are strongly urged to attend this seminar:


2015 Seminar
Monday April 6, 2105
3:00-4:30 pm
HTSC Forum 

Facilitated by the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, ORM and HR.

As a manager, what can you do to support your employee in understanding their responsibilities?

All identified SMU Camp Operators and Program Coordinators recently received an email regarding the training on April 6 with information on how to enroll.  You can support your employee by:

  • Asking if they have received and reviewed the information in the email and if not, to self report to the Office of Risk Management via email to
  • Allow time for employees to attend the training
  • Ensure employees understand the importance of being compliant with state law and SMU Policy 9.31: Duty to Report
  • Review your employee’s plan to meet the state requirements and SMU expectations for record-keeping and reporting abuse, should it occur

With manager support, SMU can meet its’ goal of a healthy environment!


Email Risk Management for questions regarding the role of a Camp Operator and Program Coordinator at

HR-Icons-QuestionsEmail HR for questions regarding the state mandated training and access to SMU Blackboard at