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Law Professor Julie Forrester To Take Role as OE2C Project Co-Coordinator

We are six months into Project SMU: Operational Excellence for the 2nd Century (OE2C) and work is on schedule. The insights revealed through this process will help SMU strengthen its economic vitality and academic mission with operational improvements and savings.

Julia Forrester
Julia P. Forrester

As we near the conclusion of the diagnostic phase and prepare for the design phase of the project, Julie Forrester, professor of law and former dean ad interim of Dedman School of Law, replaces Martin Sweidel as the OE2C project co-coordinator along with Bill Detwiler. She will serve as the academic liaison for day-to-day communications with Bain for the remainder of the project and will work closely with the executive and steering committees.

We are grateful to Dr. Forrester for her willingness to serve SMU in this capacity and wish Dr. Sweidel all the best in his new position at Goucher College.

The final diagnostic report will be shared with the SMU community by the end of October.

News OE2C

Progress Report, June 2014

In March, President R. Gerald Turner announced the kickoff of Operational Excellence for the Second Century (OE2C). Today, we are pleased to update you on the project’s progress thus far.

What is the OE2C project?

OE2C stands for Operational Excellence for the Second Century. We are engaging in this process because a number of external factors are having an impact on higher education institutions throughout the nation, including SMU. The institutions that will thrive are the ones that take proactive steps now to invest more fully in their academic missions.

News OE2C

A Message from President R. Gerald Turner

March 21, 2014

Dear Faculty and Staff:

During these years of our Second Century Celebration, 2011-2015, we are enjoying a special time of progress in our academic and student life programs; recruitment of outstanding students, faculty and staff; improvement in facilities; and rising national reputation. The continuing success of our Second Century Campaign is strengthening our resources to ensure the long-term economic vitality of the University.