LinkedIn Learning

Enhance Your Study Skills with LinkedIn Learning

linkedin learining headA new semester is upon us at SMU, which means new beginnings and new academic goals for everyone. Sometimes, going back to the basics can be the best thing to do when working towards new accomplishments. LinkedIn Learning provides students with courses like Learning Study Skills to pick up easy tricks to save time and effort within their academic endeavors, and to start the semester off right.

LinkedIn Learning is a free online learning platform provided by the Office of Information Technology at SMU. The platform enables students to develop various skills by watching short video tutorials presented by experts from all types of fields. Students can personalize their learning experience and even share their accomplishments on their LinkedIn account. In the course, Learning Study Skills, Paul Nowak instructs on how to become a better student, and ways to make the learning process easier. The course covers speed reading techniques, more efficient ways of note-taking, memory tricks, and testing tips. Skills like these tend to be overlooked, but with the help of LinkedIn Learning, students can go back to their basics and be well on their way to academic success.

To learn more about LinkedIn Learning itself or make your own account, visit the SMU’s LinkedIn Learning webpage.

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