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Canvas Tips for Students: Choosing Favorite Courses

As classes get underway, you may notice that many classes are starting to fill up your Courses list in Canvas. If a particular class will not be using Canvas or if there are still classes from the previous semester showing up, you have the option to clean up your course list for easier use. Today’s tip shows you how to do just that!

Add a course to the courses menu.

  1. Once you log into Canvas, click on the Courses button on the left-hand sidebar.
    A menu will appear where you will click on the All Courses link.
  2. Favorite Course IndicatorYou are presented with a list of all of your Canvas courses. To denote a course as a favorite, click on the Click to add to the courses menu. button to the left of the course.
  3. The star will turn yellow. That course is now set as a favorite.

Whenever you visit your dashboard’s icon view, only your favorite courses will appear. This should be much easier than searching for your class is a long list!

Remove a course from the courses menu.

  1. When logged in to Canvas, click the Click to remove from the courses menu. button next to the course you want to remove from the courses menu. The course will no longer show up in the favorites listing.

As always, if you have any questions about working within Canvas, please give our Help Desk a call at 214-768-HELP.

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