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Congratulations to James Glenn, Access Services Manager, Hamon

James standing with his diploma

Among the graduations this spring semester, the Hamon Arts Library congratulates James Glenn on attaining his Master’s of Science in Library Science degree with a concentration in Archival Studies & Imaging Technology from the University of North Texas on May 12. Coincidentally, his graduation date took place exactly twelve years to the date that he…Continue Reading Congratulations to James Glenn, Access Services Manager, Hamon

Generative AI for Research

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is a part of the new educational landscape. It may feel like the current conversation focuses on all the potential dangers, but using appropriate generative AI tools can help experienced scholars save time and effort with some of the more tedious parts of the research process. Here are some important considerations…Continue Reading Generative AI for Research

The Brainy News: When Zombies Attack

When Zombies Attack in melting letters with zombie hands emerging from the ground

Fred the UnDead here, I’m standing at the site of the Cox School of Business renovation and it appears that hordes of zombies have overrun the campus! I’m going to see if I can catch some people to… interview. Looks around quad. Oh I see Emily Newsome, the Associate Director of the Executive MBA program….Continue Reading The Brainy News: When Zombies Attack

SMU Libraries Celebrates Black History Month

Nationally celebrated across the United States since 1976, Black History Month is a time to reflect on the history, culture, and countless contributions to American society by African Americans. This year’s theme is African Americans and the Arts. To celebrate, we created a book display highlighting a few of the contributions to our library by…Continue Reading SMU Libraries Celebrates Black History Month

Love Data Week

Data is inarguably an integral part of our lives, influencing decision-making processes across all disciplines. February 12 -16, SMU Libraries will join the global community in celebrating International Love Data Week, an initiative that emphasizes the importance of data in research, education, and innovation. This year’s theme – “My Kind of Data” – underscores the…Continue Reading Love Data Week

Unlock the Past with AM Explorer

Illustration of a large hand coming from the sky. "A heavy hand upon the land...Catarrh. PE-RU-NA for catarrh."

    AM Explorer is a comprehensive repository of digitized primary source databases covering the 15th to the 21st centuries. Particularly relevant to students and scholars in the social sciences and humanities, the platform facilitates exploration across its extensive collections. AM Explorer’s wide-ranging variety of sources and interactive tools invites researchers to engage thoughtfully with…Continue Reading Unlock the Past with AM Explorer

Stay Focused While Researching

close up of a hand taking notes

When I ask students how they are feeling about their research projects, usually, there are two general responses – excited and overwhelmed. The open-ended nature of research means that we don’t know where it will lead us, so as explorers of new information, we can equally anticipate and dread the process Research can be particularly…Continue Reading Stay Focused While Researching

Project Management for Advanced Research

  Project management can help you plan and execute writing your thesis or dissertation, publishing your scholarly article, or organizing a collaborative research project. Recently, Moody School, SMU Libraries and the Office of the Provost collaborated to host a workshop on the basic principles of project management for advanced research.  Important takeaways from the workshop…Continue Reading Project Management for Advanced Research

Five on Finance: A Conversation with Sameet Banerjee

Sameet Banerjee sitting in front of a Bloomberg terminal in the Kitt Investing and Trading Center at the Business Library.

Welcome to Five on Finance with the Business Library! Today we’re talking to Sameet Banerjee, a business student majoring in finance at the SMU Cox School of Business. Business Library: Thanks for being here, Sameet! Sameet: Of course, happy to be here. Business Library: So, you recently attended all four workshops from the topical deep…Continue Reading Five on Finance: A Conversation with Sameet Banerjee