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SMU Libraries Celebrates Black History Month

Nationally celebrated across the United States since 1976, Black History Month is a time to reflect on the history, culture, and countless contributions to American society by African Americans. This year’s theme is African Americans and the Arts. To celebrate, we created a book display highlighting a few of the contributions to our library by…Continue Reading SMU Libraries Celebrates Black History Month

Love Data Week

Data is inarguably an integral part of our lives, influencing decision-making processes across all disciplines. February 12 -16, SMU Libraries will join the global community in celebrating International Love Data Week, an initiative that emphasizes the importance of data in research, education, and innovation. This year’s theme – “My Kind of Data” – underscores the…Continue Reading Love Data Week

Shaping the Future Through the Lens of History

painting of Yellowstone national park

  Thanks to the generosity of Jan and Trevor D. Rees-Jones ’78, SMU Libraries begins the next chapter for significant historical scholarship, research and collaboration. This article by Pat Ward appears in the Fall 2023 issue of the SMU Libraries Newsletter.         For the past two decades, Dallas entrepreneur Trevor D. Rees-Jones…Continue Reading Shaping the Future Through the Lens of History

Upcoming Changes to Fondren Library Spaces

stacked blueprints

Fondren Library is set to undergo some renovations in the new year, with several exciting projects that will transform our library spaces. If you’ve noticed the signs in the Commons on the first floor of Fondren Red, you may already know about the upcoming construction in the library. We’ve teamed up with Master of Design…Continue Reading Upcoming Changes to Fondren Library Spaces

Top tips on data, databases and datasets

Letters D, A, T and A on wooden squares from the game of Scrabble

SMU Libraries will host Drop-in with Data on Tuesday and Thursday. Drop in and see us and bring your questions about using data and datasets. We’ll have experts in GIS, data visualizations and Tableau, business, humanities, and social sciences. November 14 (registration recommended), 1 p.m. in Fondren Library November 16 (registration required), 12 p.m. online…Continue Reading Top tips on data, databases and datasets

Anti-Racism Starter Kit

Dismantling systemic racism requires individuals, especially those privileged by a racist system, to proactively inform themselves, recognize their role, and take an active stand against the racism inherent in our society – including SMU. The resources below are by no means exhaustive, but can help you get started in that process. Antiracism/Talking About Race America’s…Continue Reading Anti-Racism Starter Kit

Discussing Racism With Children (by Age Group)

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times about racism, the author Ibram X. Kendi discussed the need to talk about racism with children: “When children ask a racial question and we don’t want to talk about it, the message is that race and racism should not be talked about. White parents especially don’t…Continue Reading Discussing Racism With Children (by Age Group)

Modern Masters Tapestries in Fondren

Blue Tapestry on brown wall

The Modern Masters Tapestries series, which hung in the DeGolyer Library Reading Room before Fondren’s completed renovation in 2016, is now on view in Fondren’s Collaborative Commons and other areas of the library.   A Bit of History about Tapestries During the Middle Ages through the Renaissance (14th to 16th centuries), tapestries became commonplace in…Continue Reading Modern Masters Tapestries in Fondren