Apply for a $1000 Information Literacy Stipend

November 4, 2019

SMU Libraries will be distributing $1000 to the winner of the Faculty Information Literacy Stipend. The winning faculty member will be recognized for working with a librarian to design and implement an information literacy assignment into a course in Spring

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The New and Improved Hamon Arts Library

October 28, 2019

The second you step through the lobby and into the first floor, you are welcomed by the warm fall sun streaming through the large windows. The floor is clear of shelves, and chairs and desks dot the now-open space. This

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Meet the Librarians: Hollie Gardner

May 6, 2019

What do the graduate student lounge, the chairs, and the Fondren library website all have in common? The User Experience (UX) Librarian and Marketing Team Lead Hollie Gardner. Gardner started her journey as a librarian as the morning and, later,

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Meet the Librarians: Julia Stewart

April 29, 2019

Government Information and Social Sciences Research Librarian Julia Stewart started her path to librarianship with a unique first step.   Stewart worked in the publishing industry at Harcourt Brace College Publishing where she first got interested in working with a

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Meet the Librarians: Megan Heuer

April 23, 2019

For Head of Information Literacy and Communication Arts Librarian Megan Heuer, there is no such thing as a typical. She spends her time working with professors and students in the communication arts majors, managing the other librarians in Fondren Library,

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Meet the Librarians: Rafia Mirza

April 17, 2019

In Fondren 104C, Humanities Librarian Rafia Mirza sits surrounded by figurines and posters of Kermit the Frog, Wall-E, Ms. Marvel, and the Powerpuff Girls.   As reflected in her choice of decoration, Mirza is interested in popular culture. In college,

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Meet the Librarians: Jonathan McMichael

April 15, 2019

 User Experience Librarian Originally a teacher, User Experience (UX) Librarian Jonathan McMichael found his interest in librarianship while getting his Master’s in Education. “In my first year of real teaching after student teaching, we had to take classes to get

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Immerse Yourself in the Digital Humanities!

April 12, 2019

SMU Libraries premieres the Digital Humanities Research Institute. Join DHRI@SMU, August 19-22, 2019. Apply now, applications are due April 22. Digital humanities (DH) uses computational methods and tools to address humanities questions.What is a good way of getting started in

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Meet the Librarians: Rebecca Graff

April 8, 2019

Research Librarian, Rebecca Graff’s tip to undergraduates, “Contact your librarian. Seriously. It starts to sound cliché after a while, but we can help in many ways. We can help you think about the question you’re asking and help you think

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Meet the Librarians: Beverly Mitchell

April 1, 2019

Schedule a consultation with Beverly or any of your Librarians, now! ………………. The Assistant Director of Hamon Arts Library Beverly Mitchell wears many hats. She is a liaison for the Art and Art History and Dance Departments. She manages the

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