Discover Sage Explorer: Explore new possibilities

Discover Sage Explorer. Learn without the lag. Explore new possibilities.


Sage Explorer provides a wealth of resources for SMU students and faculty. Learn new skills from the Sage Campus online learning collection or learn one of the hundreds of research methods from the Sage Research Methods collection. Sage Explorer is focused on social sciences, but there is something for everyone.

Social sciences research librarian Naomi Schemm recommends Sage Campus training modules for diving into advanced literature searching or unusual research methods. Researchers across disciplines will find the modules on gathering data online or conducting a literature review useful.

Conducting your own research for the first time or using an unfamiliar method?

Social sciences research librarian Julia Anderson suggests Sage Research Methods (SRM) cases. They provide discipline-specific methodologies and applications. You can find sample data sets and guides for a variety of research methods, as well as many books and reference titles, podcasts, and videos as you explore new and different concepts and methods.

Need data to jumpstart or complement your research?

Sage Data includes billions of statistics that can be used for both research and instruction. With its dynamic capabilities, you can explore datasets, compare and contrast different variables within those datasets, and create customized views that help answer your research question or tell the story of your research. There’s a great section on data basics with a variety of useful topics from exploring and finding statistics to evaluating datasets and sources to interpreting and using statistics.

Want a break from reading?

Start with Sage Video. These educational videos can help you understand how to apply concepts, provide real-world perspective, and more. Browseable by discipline or video type, Sage Video supports diverse research and learning needs.

Not sure where to start or want help diving a little deeper?

Ask Us or book an appointment with your librarian.


This post was written by Breanna Webb, Electronic Resources Management Librarian. Breanna works with librarians and vendors to make sure you can access the online resources you need for your research at SMU.