National Comic Book Day

National Comic Book Day on September 25 is a time to celebrate the artists, writers, and fans of the genre that became popular in the 1930s. Cartoons and comic strips appeared in newspapers in the late nineteenth century, and collections of these strips were published in book form in the early twentieth century. Slim paperback books of previously unpublished comics became popular before World War II, which are now known as comic books .

DeGolyer Library’s Western and advertising comics of the twentieth century provide a fascinating look at American culture and juvenile literature. Selected issues of popular Western comics include The Cisco Kid and Jesse James. These cowboy adventures crossed over to film, television, and merchandising.

Cisco Kid comic Jesse James comic

Advertising comics include messaging from retailers, industries, government, and any other group that wants to educate young adults about their cause. Some of the more interesting advertising comics in DeGolyer Library include politics, household products, and industries.

Braniff Airways comic
Braniff Airways advertising comic published in 1956
General Electric advertising comic
General Electric advertising comic, 1948

Superhero comic books published by Marvel and DC since since the mid-twentieth century are still relevant today with their film, television, and merchandise enterprises.  DeGolyer Library has a large uncataloged collection of  Marvel, DC, smaller comic publishers, and graphic novels that spans decades. Highlights include Black Lightning, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Daredevil, Eternals, and the 1978 graphic novel by Will Eisner, A Contract With God.

Daredevil comic

Moon Knight comic

Wonder Woman comic


Researchers are welcome to visit the library to view the collection. Please contact for assistance in DeGolyer Library.


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