Month: September 2023

National Comic Book Day

National Comic Book Day on September 25 is a time to celebrate the artists, writers, and fans of the genre that became popular in the 1930s. Cartoons and comic strips appeared in newspapers in the late nineteenth century, and collections of these strips were published in book form in the early twentieth century. Slim paperback…Continue Reading National Comic Book Day

Discover Sage Explorer: Explore new possibilities

Discover Sage Explorer. Learn without the lag. Explore new possibilities.

  Sage Explorer provides a wealth of resources for SMU students and faculty. Learn new skills from the Sage Campus online learning collection or learn one of the hundreds of research methods from the Sage Research Methods collection. Sage Explorer is focused on social sciences, but there is something for everyone. Social sciences research librarian…Continue Reading Discover Sage Explorer: Explore new possibilities

SIFTing through Business Research

SIFT through Business Research with us! Tonight (9/6) at 6pm attend an online workshop to learn effective strategies for evaluating information. The session will begin by incorporating Chat GPT as an idea generator, then branching out to Google Scholar, Library Search, and Business Source Complete. All business students will benefit from this highly interactive one-hour…Continue Reading SIFTing through Business Research

SMU Libraries Digital Collections Update: August 2023

[Women in Mourning], ca. 1856-1860s, DeGolyer Library, SMU.

In August 2023, SMU Libraries uploaded and/or updated 298 items in SMU Libraries Digital Collections. Highlights include: 150 rare or unique Texas imprints, 1836-1950, including 146 broadsides covering various political events in Texas, from prohibition to opposition to President Truman. Highlights include an article announcing James Garfield’s assassination, Senator Bailey’s campaign platform, and a list of…Continue Reading SMU Libraries Digital Collections Update: August 2023