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Organ donation after cardiac death: the new frontier?

Today The Washington Post has an article — Infant Transplant Procedure Ignites Debate — that builds on yesterday’s AP article about three cases in which infant hearts were harvested under a “donation after cardiac death” (“DCD”) protocol, which all transplant centers are required by UNOS and HHS. The details of each center’s protocol may vary. […]

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The ethics of engineering planetary change

Here’s the opening of a fascinating article in this morning’s New York Times: Last year, a private company proposed “fertilizing” parts of the ocean with iron, in hopes of encouraging carbon-absorbing blooms of plankton. Meanwhile, researchers elsewhere are talking about injecting chemicals into the atmosphere, launching sun-reflecting mirrors into stationary orbit above the earth or […]

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DISD: High-wire ethics without a safety net

As reported in last week’s Dallas Morning News, the DISD board is considering changes to its ethics policy. Although the process was initially focused upon the question whether the district should be able to do business with companies with which trustees are associated, apparently the review has now branched out to include other issues, as […]

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Ministers face moral quandary

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an article (“Moral Dilemma: When Weddings Are a Career Risk” — link will expire in about a week) that describes the delicate position of many California clergy whose state supreme court has ruled that same-sex marriages are lawful but whose churches say otherwise. The article focuses on Methodist minister Rev. […]

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Politics in Religious Perspective: Temptation, Tool, or Task.

Can American religion develop a realistic appreciation of politics on its own terms, as a task that neither threatens damnation nor promises salvation, but demands continuous, faithful engagement? Professor Robin Lovin — the Maguire Center’s Public Scholar for Fall 2008 — will discuss this on September 24, 2008. For more details, click here.

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Reporter Privilege: A Con Job or an Essential Element of Democracy?

Two widely divergent cases in recent months have given the public some idea as to what exactly reporter privilege is and whether it may or may not be important in guaranteeing the free flow of information in society. Whether it’s important or not depends on point of view, and, sometimes, one’s political perspective. The case […]