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White House ethics advisor

Based upon this article from today’s Washington Post, I was going to write a snarky little piece about the limited job opportunities for ethicists in the White House. There’s one ethics advisor there (though I will bet there are others in the White House Counsel’s office who have a piece of those issues, as well), […]

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The Authenticity of Public Apologies

Are the recent public apologies heard from celebrities, athletes, government officials and others accused of wrongdoing sincere or manufactured by publicists trying to minimize the damage? Ethicists examine the authenticity of public apologies in an article posted at the following site:


The Cost of the Death Penalty

The number of executions in the US is falling, but capital punishment has not disappeared, as some had predicted. It is interesting, as a philosopher, to see what sorts of considerations have an effect in public life on the popularity of this form of punishment. A few years ago discussion focused on the possibility of […]

Medical ethics

Health care providers and “conscience clauses”

On the first day of the Obama presidency, a regulation promulgated in the waning days of the Bush administration became effective. The regulation (which you can read here) implemented three federal laws that (to one degree or another) protect individual health care providers and health care entities that decline to perform sterilizations or abortions from […]