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About the Football Game… The irresponsible actions of some students do not accurately represent the character of SMU students as a whole

This blog post is a part of a series dedicated to highlighting the personal experiences of Maguire Center student staff member Rylee Bailey’s personal experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the second post of a three-part mini-series that highlights her return to campus.   About the football game… The college experience encompasses more than […]

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Tom Brady, a Boston charity, and that wrecked Audi S8

The papers were filled with photos and stories when Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wrecked his Audi S8 last week (click here for a representative sample). Except it turns out that it wasn’t Brady’s Audi. The car was a loaner provided by the Boston office of the Kennedy-family charity, Best Buddies International, which has loaned the […]

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Was LeBron unethical?

Bob Stone, blogging over at, thinks so: The very foundation of ethics is the ability to imagine yourself in others??? circumstances. It???s the Golden Rule. James owed the Cav fans a gentle let-down. Instead he left his loyal fans to suffer for two days waiting for the decision, then 27 minutes more, then BAM! […]

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The Authenticity of Public Apologies

Are the recent public apologies heard from celebrities, athletes, government officials and others accused of wrongdoing sincere or manufactured by publicists trying to minimize the damage? Ethicists examine the authenticity of public apologies in an article posted at the following site:

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Looking for ethical behavior at the Olympics

Interesting article in The Wall Street Journal: Barry Newman, “Another Daunting Olympic Quest: The Search for Gallant Behavior” (Aug. 15, 2008) (paid subscription required; you might have better luck with this link or this one (may be good for another 7 days)). Sunil Sabharwal from the International Fair Play Committee (whose website seems to be […]