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Good Capitalism Lifts People and Raises Happiness, says Doug Levy

Speaking at the Ethics, Trust and Transparency conference this week, Doug Levy is the CEO of imc² believes strongly in the power of capitalism and the importance of preserving the ethics within capitalism.

When asked, Levy explained that the main point he wishes to express when he joins the “Responsible Business Leadership” panel session is that capitalism is good. “It lifts people from poverty, increases lifespan, and raises happiness. And, when business is practiced in a more conscious and purpose-centric way, it produces greater benefits for employees, customers, society and investors.”

The Cary M. Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility will host the Ethics, Trust & Transparency conference on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 in the Jim Collins Conference Center on Southern Methodist University’s Dallas campus. Registration to attend the conference is open to the public. For more information and to register online, click here or copy and paste this URL in your web browser.

The entire conference will be video streamed on the Maguire Center’s website at beginning at 8:20 am Wednesday, November 2, 2011.



One reply on “Good Capitalism Lifts People and Raises Happiness, says Doug Levy”

Yes this may be true for the high society and high standard countries, but what about the capitalist countries where all of their resources are bought by international companies? Capitalism only creates more differences in status, rich and poor and knowing that man by nature is selfish, times when the middle class will rule a capitalist country is nowhere to be seen, at least not in near future.

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