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Should states be permitted to pay their citizens for donating organs?

Federal law currently says no, or appears to say no, and it provides for criminal penalties for a violation of the law. So well-meaning states like Pennsylvania that want to pay burial expenses for organ donors have a hard time convincing state employees and funeral homes to pay or receive the benefit. Sen. Arlen Specter […]

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Wyeth said to have paid ghostwriters for favorable journal articles

According to an article posted to the the N.Y. Times‘ website today, drug maker Wyeth has turned over to the Senate Finance Committee a mountain of material on its practice of paying ghostwriters to prepare favorable articles for publication in medical journals. Physicians were then recruited to put their names on the articles. In some […]

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Physicians’ financial conflicts of interest

Today’s Times has an interesting piece on the Cleveland Clinic‘s new policy of publicly reporting the business relationships that any of its 1,800 staff doctors and scientists have with drug and device makers. The clinic, one of the nation???s most prominent medical research centers, is making a complete disclosure of doctors??? and researchers??? financial ties […]

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High schoolers’ ethics: how low can you go? is reporting on a new survey of high school students’ ethics by the Josephson Institute for Ethics (press release (PDF)). Here are some highlights from the Institute’s summary: STEALING. In bad news for business, more than one in three boys (35 percent) and one-fourth of the girls (26 percent) ??? a total of 30 […]