Part-time Babysitter

We are looking for part-time babysitters to support a family in Highland Park in the evenings and weekends for their 3 children- an 11, 13, and 4 year old, primarily to care and support their 4 year old son.
Job responsibilities include: serving as a mother’s helper, age appropriate/developmentally appropriate activities and play- EX: taking the child to the park, playing games, etc.,  very light cleaning and light meal prep (EX: feeding him dinner in the evenings), etc.
The ideal candidate would be reliable (punctual- always on time & follows through on commitments), responsible and sound decision maker, flexible, compassionate, has experience working with children (especially in early childhood) and a positive/can do attitude. The ideal candidate would have babysitting and/or nanny experience previously.
Schedule: Overall, we are looking for someone with a flexible schedule in the evenings and on weekends.
An ideal candidate would also be willing to potentially work overnights on the weekends when needed (you are compensated for this time) and would be paid to sleep.
Perks/Benefits: excellent & competitive pay (based on experience), fun working environment, occasional travel opportunities.
If you are interested in this opportunity, please email your resume (and 2 to 3 professional references- preferably of someone you have babysat for) to the below contact information.
Emily Smith
Phone: 612 790 0603


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