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Larry Hagman and guests at the Rosewood Crescent ClubIn January 2013, CUL uploaded 346 items into our CONTENTdm collections. CUL now has approximately 30,021 published items.

Highlights include:

15 negatives of Larry Hagman from the J. Allen Hansley photographs at the Rosewood Crescent Club, 1988

30 videos from the SMU Video Archive Series producted by Central University Libraries

Halliburton Lab, June 1940, by Robert Yarnall Richie131 Texas-related oil negatives by Robert Yarnall Richie as part of the TexTreasures FY2013 grant

26 photographs in the Texas Instruments Records collection

12 card photographs from the Albert L. Beach photographs of Texas and Mexico

20 cards from the Baldwin Locomotive Works builder’s cards

Untitled drawing by Perry Nichols26 prints and drawings of Texas art, including 11 drawings by Perry Nichols and
10 prints and drawings by DeForrest Judd

Encyclopadie des Landwirthschaft (Encyclopedia of Agriculture) by Edward Eisenlohr, comprising 44 pages

Ein Verlobungs – Epos des Glycerinus Bombenmeier. (Epic Poem for the Betrothal of Glycerinus and Bombenmeier.) by Edward Eisenlohr, comprising 16 pages

Dutch soldier at Aruba guarding Lago, 1939, by Robert Yarnall Richie24 negatives by Robert Yarnall Richie, including the Lago Refinery in Aruba on the brink of World War II and King Ibn. Saud and Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia ca. 1946

Fame and fortune weekly. Stories of boys who make money. Fighting for fame or the struggles of a young author and other stories.

The horse thief, or, The maiden and Negro: a tale of the prairies.


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