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Lab Hopping Highlights!

If you weren’t already aware, Lab Hopping made a return this past Thursday! The lab event gave students insight into several undergraduate research opportunities spanning various departments! Offered below is a quick recap of just some of them:

Earthquake Seismology & Tomography Research

Are you interested in earth sciences? According to Professor of Geophysics, Dr. Heather DeShon, the earthquake seismology, and tomographic imaging lab has an opening for an undergraduate researcher. This research opening is especially beneficial for computer science and mathematics majors! If you are interested, feel free to contact Dr. DeShon at

Das Research Group

Perhaps you are interested in chemistry lab research regarding understanding catalytic mechanisms! Below is a picture of Dr. Anindita Das’s assistants Xena El Shamy ‘23 and Hiren Bagga ‘23 working on their current project involving organic covalent frameworks (COFS).

If this area of chemistry research attracts you, please contact

Cox Behavioral Research Lab

Fascinated by how people think and the impact that has on the workplace? According to Professor of Practice in Management and Organization, Dr. Benjamin Dow, this research lab participates in various studies that aren’t limited to students taking basic management courses. Note that the lab brings in new research assistants every semester so if you are interested, please reach out to or

Technological Innovation Research

Let’s say you’re interested in technological innovation and how this is affected by the policies of firms and more specifically governmental organizations. Although the sociology department does not have labs, according to Professor Matthew Keller, the faculty of the department do offer research assistant positions. The general availability of these positions may vary but Dr. Keller will possibly be hiring students in the spring to work on such projects. If this sparks your interest, please contact the professor at

Cellular Quality Control Research

If you take an interest in biological research, you may want to consider working with or being a student of Dr. Zhihao Wu. Below is a picture showing a 3rd year Ph.D. student of Dr.Wu, Ying lu Tang, speaking to students about the lab’s current research involving the discovery of links between the protein quality control system and the mitochondria quality control system.

If this area of biology research interests you, reach out to Dr. Wu at and learn more through