Call for Undergraduate Student Research Papers | 10th Annual Collin College Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Student Research Conference

For presentation at The 10th Annual Collin College Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Student Research Conference. April 24, 2019. Plano Campus. 2800 East Spring Creek Parkway Plano, Texas 75074

THEME: Research across the Disciplines

  • Including Research Papers, Literature Reviews, Research Manuscripts, Research Reports, Service Learning Research, Scientific Experiment Research, Exploratory Research, etc.

OPEN TO: Undergraduate students at both 2-year and 4-year institutions. Students who complete their undergraduate degree in Dec. 2018 are eligible for conference consideration.

Prizes & recognition awarded for Top Paper in 2 categories!                                                                                            

 *4-year University students                  *2-year College students

Only completed research will be considered for Top Paper Awards


  • Group/Panel Presentation (a group of students who have written different research papers over a similar topic verbally explain their research to an audience. An expert makes comments. Ends with Q & A)
  • Individual Student Paper Presentation (exactly like the Panel Presentation explained above, except the individual students on the panel do not know each other prior to the conference presentation)
  • Roundtable (student(s) lead the audience through an interactive discussion of their group research)
  • Performance (student(s) present their research to an audience in the form of a rehearsed performance)
  • Poster boards (student(s) present their research to hallway passersby in the form of designed poster boards. This is similar in style to a Science Fair presentation)
  • Professor-Sponsored Panel (a small group of students, who have been sponsored by a faculty member, verbally explain their research to an audience. Ends with Q & A. NOTE: This is the only submission that does not come from a student, but rather from the sponsoring faculty member)

*Researchers who do not indicate which presentation style they prefer will be placed in a panel.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 1, 2019                                                                


1) send an e-mail to

2) Type the title of your paper in the subject line

3) In the e-mail body, include the following information:

– I am from a 2-year school. I am from a 4-year school (pick one)

– The name of my current school is _____________________________________

– I am submitting my own, singular work. I am submitting as part of a larger group (pick one)

NOTE: If you are submitting as part of a group, attach all papers to this one e-mail. You are the representative/primary contact for this group. In order to make certain all group members are in the know, however, you should make certain to CC all group members in the submission e-mail.

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Undergraduate Research Conference | Butler University – 31st Annual Undergraduate Research Conference

We hope you’ll join us for Butler University’s 31st Annual Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) on April 12, 2019, in Indianapolis. Submissions for the conference will be accepted January 1–February 15.

The 2018 URC featured the outstanding work of more than 651 undergraduate students from 23 different states representing 79 colleges and universities. Clearly, the reputation of the URC continues to spread across the country, and we hope to welcome another wide-ranging and diverse group of scholars once again this year.

Our 31st conference will feature oral presentations, competitive papers, poster presentations (featuring a new format), and research roundtables.

Last year we were pleased to accept Digital Humanities submissions, and this year we are excited to begin accepting submissions in the area of Peace Studies.

Please note: After evaluating the space available for art exhibits, we are discontinuing art exhibition submissions. We encourage students interested in showcasing their art to submit an Oral Presentation under Art/Art History and share their work(s) and creative process with the audience in this manner.

Oral Presentations: These presentations are a 10–13 minute summary of the research project with a 2–3 minute Q&A session. Those interested in submitting an oral presentation need only submit a 250-word abstract of the project. Presenters who choose the Oral Presentation format are grouped by discipline and, if the number of submissions is large enough, by sub-disciplines within an academic area, by research topic, or by research method (but always within the discipline chosen by the student.)

Competitive Paper: Students who have completed a research project are invited to submit their papers to be competitively reviewed by faculty across the nation for presentation at the conference. All students who submit Competitive Papers are scheduled to present in specially identified Director’s Sessions. As is the case with Oral Presentations, presenters deliver a 10–13 minute summary of the research project with a 2–3 minute Q&A session.

Students who submit their papers for competitive review are automatically considered for Competitive Paper Awards. The four highest ranking papers will be featured in a “Top Four Competitive Papers” session. The author(s) of the highest ranking will be awarded $300; the author(s) of the second highest ranked paper will be awarded $150, and the authors of the third and fourth highest ranked paper will be awarded $50.

Students wishing to submit completed projects for competitive review should (1) create an account on the URC site, (2) create a presentation—be sure to select Competitive Paper as the discipline—and include your title and 250-word abstract, and (3) email their papers as attachments to no later than February 15.

Competitive Paper Requirements: 

  • Must not exceed 25 pages (not including Title page or Reference/Works Cited pages)
  • Must be written in English (since these papers are for a general audience)
  • May use APA, MLA, or Chicago style
  • Must not have been previously published
  • Must be the sole work of the students (i.e., faculty members cannot be co-authors)

Poster Presentations: These presentations are a graphic presentation of a research project. Authors illustrate their findings by displaying graphs, photos, diagrams, and a small amount of text on the poster boards.

This year’s conference will feature two poster sessions and we will use the same format as last year: Students are required to be present for the duration of the session, but will only present for half the session. Presenters will be assigned numbers—those assigned odd numbers will present during the first half of the session and presenters assigned even numbers will present during the second half of the session. Scheduled presenters will have their work displayed during one of these sessions, with the schedule being determined by the subject matter.

Posters should be 32 x 56 or 40 x 56. The URC will provide the stands (tables with stands or easels) and the push-pins to hold them in place.

Research Roundtables: To continue our focus on assisting developing scholars, the URC offers Research Roundtables as a venue for students to share proposed research projects or preliminary research results. Students will submit a 250-word abstract of the project they intend to complete or have partially completed. On the day of the URC, students will be grouped according to research interests/methodologies and will participate in a roundtable discussion whereby they share the status of their project and receive feedback from seasoned researchers.

Visit the URC website for more information.

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Horizons Fellowship

The Horizons Fellowship is a fully-funded opportunity that supports outstanding undergraduate and graduate students (of any year) in their pursuit to combine technology into their existing course of study. The Horizons Fellowship gives students the ability to learn about real-world technology and build advanced software products.

Interested candidates can start an application here!

Thank you,

Abhi Ramesh

Co-Founder, Horizons School of Technology Class of 2014, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania


The Horizons Fellowship

The Horizons Fellowship supports 200 outstanding university students in their pursuit to become multidisciplinary leaders using technology. Our fully-funded program provides real-world technology courses geared towards high-achieving college students.

Horizons students have gone onto work at a variety of amazing companies – Google, Facebook, Visa, The Stanford Research Institute, Slack, Yelp, Amazon, McKinsey, Bloomberg, J.P. Morgan, EA Games, and more.

Past Horizonites have come from a variety of schools and backgrounds. Students have hailed from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, UPenn/Wharton, Columbia, Northwestern, Brown, Michigan, state schools, community colleges and more. The world is becoming multidisciplinary in nature. We’ve had computer science majors, math majors, economics/business majors, biology majors, English majors, and art majors all take our program.

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Short-Term Research Experience for Underrepresented Persons (STEP-UP)

The STEP-UP Program provides hands-on summer research experience for high school and undergraduate students interested in exploring research careers.

Click image to visit site and read the program highlights.

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Learn more about the PhD program at St. Jude

Research Departments at St. Jude:
·         Cell & Molecular Biology
·         Chemical Biology & Therapeutics
·         Computational Biology
·         Developmental Biology
·         Developmental Neurobiology
·         Genetics
·         Hematology
·         Immunology
·         Infectious Diseases
·         Oncology
·         Pathology
·         Pharmaceutical Sciences
·         Radiation Oncology
·         Structural Biology
·         Tumor Cell Biology
The assistant dean of the doctoral program at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will visit SMU on September 28th.
Facebook: @StJudeGradSchool @DeanRacqstar
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Capital of Texas Undergraduate Research Conference

Don’t miss this opportunity to present your research to students from all over Texas. Register by September 28th at !

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Engaged Learning Week: Student Presentations Spring 2018

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Film Screening: Particle Fever

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REU in Physics – UT Dallas

We are excited to share that we will be hosting an NSF-sponsored Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program in physics at UT Dallas this summer.  The UT Dallas Physics REU will take place from May 28 to August 3, 2018. The REU Fellows will be immersed in an exciting ten-week summer research program, carefully mentored by UTD faculty. The key objectives of the program are to instill in the REU Fellows the excitement of research and careers in science, and to build their research skills both independently and in research teams. This program includes a $5,000 stipend, housing, 21 meals per week, access to the gym, and multiple social events (~$8500 total package).

The program has core areas in

-Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics


-Cosmology and Gravitation

-Plasma Physics

-Space Physics

To learn more and to access the application, please visit our REU website at:

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REU in Multifunctional Materials – Texas A & M University

Dillon Vaughn

Program Specialist I

Texas A&M University

Materials Science & Engineering | RDMC 221

3003 TAMU | College Station, TX 77843-3003


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