Having Fun at Hamon the Origami Way

Festive views of the Hamon Arts Library’s doors

“I can’t!” “I have never done origami before.” These comments were some of the responses Hamon Arts Library student assistants and others gave when they were first approached with the idea of “Taking an Origami Break.”

However, after encouraging a few people – “Just try one easy one” – many participants were hooked!

85 completed Origami sculptures later, and the doors of The Jake and Nancy Hamon Arts Library were fully dressed for the holidays with bells, Christmas trees, angels, birds and more in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors!

The Origami project was conceived by Bywaters Special Collections curator, Ellen Niewyk, who also donated Origami paper and a pattern book. I offered patrons, student assistants, and staff the opportunity to “Take an Origami Break” from their responsibilities to participate in the decorating of the doors at Hamon for the Meadows School of the Arts door decorating contest. 

The student assistants, patrons, and staff at Hamon took the challenge seriously. As you can see, their Origami sculptures make great holiday decorations and are creating quite the buzz. Even if we don’t win the contest, “Take an Origami Break” was a fun way to relieve some stress by all who participated, which is a win in itself. 

The beauty is in the details! Please stop by and see their works up close!

Happy Holidays from the Jake and Nancy Hamon Arts Library!

Thank you to LaGail Davis, Hamon’s General Operations Manager, for this image and post.

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