SMU to host the Fall 2022 Midwest Macroeconomics Meeting

The conference will take place Nov. 11-13 on SMU’s campus. The scientific committee is made up of faculty from SMU’s economics department as well as economists from the Dallas Fed’s research department.We anticipate more than 160 papers presented by authors from universities and policy institutions across the United States and around the world. Click here for the conference website.

Dan Millimet wins SMU Distinguished Professor award

Our department chair has been chosen to receive the 2022 Dedman Family Distinguished Professor Award. The award recognizes his significant research achievements and outstanding service to the university. He joins the past winners in the Economics department, Nathan Balke in 2007 and Santanu Roy in 2014. Congratulations, Dr. Millimet! Continue reading “Dan Millimet wins SMU Distinguished Professor award”

SMU instructors invited to Inclusive Teaching Academy

Beth Wheaton and Mea Ahlberg have been invited to attend and participate in the Notre Dame Inclusive Teaching Academy. This 3-day event will be held at Notre Dame and will feature a small number of instructors from Notre Dame and peer institutions. Continue reading “SMU instructors invited to Inclusive Teaching Academy”

Former SMU PhD student wins best paper prize

Ani Harutyunyan is a former PhD student in the SMU economics department who eventually earned her PhD at KU Leuven in Belgium.  A chapter of her PhD dissertation that she wrote while at SMU has been awarded the Bergson Prize by the Association of Comparative Economic Studies. This prize is given once every 2 years to best paper published during that period in the journal Comparative Economic Studies.

Continue reading “Former SMU PhD student wins best paper prize”

Klaus Desmet on Vox: Facebook and gender gap in preferences

Klaus Desmet’s research has been featured recently in both a VoxEU column and a VoxTalk podcast! The basic question Klaus and his co-authors investigate is whether women and men more similar in their preferences in more gender-equal societies. Continue reading “Klaus Desmet on Vox: Facebook and gender gap in preferences”