Klaus Desmet on Vox: Facebook and gender gap in preferences

Klaus Desmet’s research has been featured recently in both a VoxEU column and a VoxTalk podcast! The basic question Klaus and his co-authors investigate is whether women and men more similar in their preferences in more gender-equal societies. Continue reading “Klaus Desmet on Vox: Facebook and gender gap in preferences”

Dan Millimet blog post on causalscience.org

Anyone who has sat in more than a few departmental seminars and presentations in the Economics department at SMU knows that Dan Millimet’s favorite subject matter is how measurement error affects the ability of empirical researchers to infer causal relationships from data. So, it’s no surprise that he has a new blog post on this issue for causalinference.org.

AEA podcast on Klaus Desmet’s climate change research

How might migration help in the world’s response to climate change? Listen to this episode of the AEA podcast series to hear Klaus Desmet explain how his research shows that migration is likely to play a key role in mitigating the economic damage of global warming and rising sea levels.

Continue reading “AEA podcast on Klaus Desmet’s climate change research”

Woo Kim’s research in Vox

Woo Kim, a first-year Assistant Professor, has written a piece in VoxChina about his research into the Korean government’s baby bonus program. In the early 2000s, the Korean government began giving cash payments to parents of newborn babies that depended on where a family lived, when they had their baby and how many children they already had. Continue reading “Woo Kim’s research in Vox”

Ömer Özak among new wave of Colombian researchers

Ömer Özak was featured in Semana which is Colombia’s main weekly periodical. The article talks about how technology is changing the way scientists and social scientists are doing research and how the audience they are trying to reach is also changing to reflect a wider non-academic audience. Continue reading “Ömer Özak among new wave of Colombian researchers”