Yara Shousha wins Fall 2023 Thomas B. Fomby Graduate Award of Excellence!

Yara Shousha, an outstanding master’s student, has been selected as the first recipient of the Thomas B. Fomby Graduate Award!

This prestigious award acknowledges outstanding academic accomplishments within the Economics master’s programs and includes a generous scholarship to be applied towards the student’s Fall 2023 tuition and other fees. Ms. Shousha is very deserving of this award and we as a department see a great future ahead for her. Congratulations!!

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Celebrating the Accomplishments of Our 2023 Economics Graduates


As we bid farewell to another academic year, it is with great pleasure and pride that we extend our warmest congratulations to the 2023 graduates of the Department of Economics!  We celebrate not only our students’ academic achievements but also the exciting futures that lie ahead. They have shown resilience in navigating complex economic theories, mastering analytical skills, and applying knowledge to real-world problems. The countless hours spent conducting research, engaging in spirited discussions, and collaborating with peers have paid off, and we could not be prouder of them.

Economists possess a unique perspective that can shape the world in profound ways. Their expertise in understanding the complexities of markets, decision-making, and policy implications gives them a solid foundation for diverse career paths. Many of our students double majored while at SMU in fields ranging broadly from physics, to journalism, to public policy. Seventy-Two percent of our graduates had an internship during their time at SMU, and 41% of graduates accepted an offer of full-time employment prior to graduating. Most of our students heading  to the workforce found employment in finance and insurance, while 16% of our graduates were bound for graduate or law school.

We are excited to see the positive impact our graduates will undoubtedly make in the world, and we look forward to hearing about their future accomplishments!


Congratulations to Aiyana Garcia as Mona Hersh-Cochran Scholarship recipient!

Aiyana Garcia is the 2020 recipient of the Mona Hersh-Cochran Scholarship Award. As a young girl, Aiyana grew up in poverty in the heart of Oak Cliff right here in Dallas. She was inspired to study business from an early age by watching her father juggle a job and take accounting courses at night. Continue reading “Congratulations to Aiyana Garcia as Mona Hersh-Cochran Scholarship recipient!”

Marcela Giraldo wins 2019 Mangum Teaching Award

Marcela Giraldo was the very deserving winner of the 2019 Mangum Teaching Award. This highly-sought after award, endowed through a million dollar gift from distinguished alum Charles Mangum, is given annually to a non-tenured recipient in the Department of Economics who is extraordinary at student involvement. Continue reading “Marcela Giraldo wins 2019 Mangum Teaching Award”