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Andrea Laurent-Simpson: ‘Dog Mom’ and more – we’re living in multispecies families now. Here’s what it means

Fox News

Originally Posted: July 30, 2021


The evidence of new families blended with people and pets arrived long before we considered what to call them.

“Multispecies families” captures the scientific essence, but the lifestyle and character of this four-legged/two-legged companion coalescence is far-reaching and even comes with a glossary: Dog Mom; Puppy Child; Baby Doll; GrandCat; Daddy’s Girl. And on and on.

The elevated state of companion animals is undeniable, and it’s no surprise family dynamics adjusted. Divorce courts now consider custody of the family pet. Millennial home buyers often pass on a home unsuitable for their dog. It’s become routine that rescue missions for pets occur before demolition of property touched by disaster.  WATCH