Heroes Among Us: Introducing Seth Lowery, of Seth Lowery Artist Management

The following interview is part of a class assignment for Entrepreneurship and the Hero Adventure at SMU, Meadows School of the Arts. Each interview has been conducted and created by students for this course, which celebrates those heroes in our communities. Heroism, for the purpose of this course and assignment is described as:

DJ Seth Lowery

  • Service of something larger than oneself.
  • A willingness to sacrifice in the name of service.

Author: SMU student Winston Ray

W: Tell me your story as an artist, how you learned your trade, and how you have achieved the success you have today?

SL: I started at the age of 4 taking piano lessons and from then on always knew I was gonna do music and be an artist.  I learned in many ways from listening, watching and of course practicing and taking courses in piano, percussion, audio engineering among many other music classes. As far as achieving my success, its being ambitious, patient, motivated and of course “Loving” what you do and Music Itself.

W: Tell me about why you chose to start an artist management company, in addition to your job as a music producer and DJ?

SL: I have always been the person that saw talent in people even if they weren’t the majors or Celebrities that are exposed daily on T.V, Radio,Magazines and Social Networks. Talent isn’t something that is given to you or bought, it is something you are born with. As an Artist I have fought many struggles and learned the competitiveness and political sides of the music industry and love to help talented individuals and musicians live their dream through music whether it be producing, performing, or simply songwriting behind the scenes. Growing up with no help and hitting the streets with physical promo material when social network sites didn’t exist made me stronger as far as marketing an individual or group. Not everyone knows the business as far as the “inside” or how to get in the right peoples ears, but that doesn’t mean their talent should go unnoticed. That is where Management and representation steps in and helps a dream become reality:)

W: Have you had any challenges with artist management, and if so, how did you overcome them?

SL: There are always challenges. Music business definitely isnt “Free”. so finances are a struggle at times. Some are having to professionally but at the same time being positive and helpful deny an artist. Not always is it the material they bring to you, but something as simple as having a full plate at the time. Artist as we all know can be moody and are sensitive, especially when it comes to their music. I have always been a friend first and business second. I overcome these challenges by being a friend first and helping in anyway I can.

W: How does where you are today differ from where you were when you started?

SL: The term “Hard work Pays Off” read it, learn it, live it. The harder you work and not give up, eventually will lead to success and opportunity. Patience is a very important characteristic to have. As far as where I am today vs. when I started. Times have changed as well as the music business. There are tools that didn’t exist but that didn’t make me forget that ground work and one on one communication is still the best tool out there. I never stopped and overcame every struggle that crossed my path. I have been fortunate enough to perform, work, and collaborate with some of the guys that I was a fan of and looked up to and there is more to come in the future.

W: Have you had any mentors in the industry along the way?

SL: Everyone has a mentor whether it be a single individual or someone they see or hear on T.V etc. As far as me I have had many mentors. My Mother was the first with getting me into the music at a young age and introducing me to all types of music. Then of course are your idols which in my case was “Michael jackson” and The Beatles. they were a huge influence to pursue music performance. Then there were my Instructors in percussion and Audio Engineering. Everyone has their own place in where I am today. Each of them taught me different things in different parts of the music business but all motivated me as a musician and artist.

W: Where do you see Seth Lowery Artist Management in the future? (Such as new artists, new performances, etc.

SL: I am still growing and there is and will always be room for growth in the music business. Artists come and new artist come along as the generations pass. I am constantly looking for new talent and consistent when it comes to focusing on their plans and goals as an artist. My ultimate goal is to be one of the nations top Talent Rosters as well as Artist Management Companies.

You can find Seth Lowery playing Plush Dallas Nightclub every Friday, and contact him at www.DJSethLowery.com or via www.twitter/@DJSethLowery








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