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Our Mission

The Department of Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU seeks to equip its creatively minded students with entrepreneurial skills so that they increase their chances of sustainable income and so that graduates serve as the principle driving force Continue reading

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Speed Dating Market Feedback

Check out this short video of SMU Arts Entrepreneurship students engaging in Speed Dating Market FeedbackSpeed Dating Market Feedback

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Useful Advice for Arts Entrepreneurs

1. Never sacrifice quality in your artistic work. Quality must be priority for the sake of value. Keep your skills sharp; unused skills rust like farm tools in the rain.

2. You can profit and commit a social good concurrently. This is social entrepreneurship.

3. Don’t do everything. Inspire collaborators. Lead them and learn to effectively delegate.

4. Don’t be afraid of Continue reading

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Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

Here’s a great resource for arts entrepreneurs: Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

Jim Hart

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Creative Destruction and the Status Quo

The “status quo” is what currently exists in way of a situation or the “current state of affairs.” It is the norm, the everyday. However, the status quo is constantly evolving and what exists as the status quo now, did not used to be that. Revolutions alter the status quo, becoming the new norm…until they are disrupted and a new status quo emerges.

The market is not something fixed, but constantly evolving and if you are an entrepreneur and enter the market with a new business, you are going to disrupt the status quo. Continue reading

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Arts Entrepreneurship Games for the Classroom

Jim Hart, Director of Arts Entrepreneurship at SMU, has created a new website of Arts Entrepreneurship Games.

Games are a means of teaching arts entrepreneurship to artists, which appeal to artistic sensibilities.

To see the website, go to:

A new game will be posted each week (typically on Sunday). To receive the new games in your inbox, subscribe with your email address.


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10 Pieces of Advice for Heroic Arts Entrepreneurs

1. Have passion or don’t do it. You must believe in your own idea before any other person does. That is the first step. You must believe to effectively communicate your vision. Be passionate about it. Passion is contagious and will inspire others to want to help you. Passion serves as a light in the darkness of venturing. It serves as a motivator before there is a financial return on your investment.

2. Persevere. Entrepreneurship is an experienced process with a felt impact. As such, Continue reading

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Arts Entrepreneurship and Experiential Learning


Aylin Canales in “Payasa”

Many schools are currently developing new arts entrepreneurship programs. This article serves to encourage those schools to develop curricula founded in experience-based learning.

Entrepreneurship is best learned through the process of experience, as entrepreneurship, of whichever kind (corporate, arts, social), is a trial by fire process. There is no knowledge gained like experiencing something. Experience affords Continue reading

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