Meadows’ Creative Entrepreneurship Students Spend Time in Prison

Meadows School of the Arts‘ “Creative Entrepreneurship” class students recently visited an area prison, together with entrepreneurship students from Cox School of Business. The trip served to enable students to experience how prisoners can benefit from entrepreneurship education.

Listen to how these Meadows students described their visit and the impact it had on them.

There are many types of entrepreneurship education being offered in higher education today. Prison entrepreneurship, like arts entrepreneurship, is a form of social entrepreneurship.

Learn more about SMU Meadows’ Arts Entrepreneurship program. The Meadows Arts Entrepreneurship program is part of the division of Arts Management and arts Entrepreneurship.

Note: The training the prisoners receive is part of a program called Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP), which is a Dallas-based organization. Learn more about Dallas’ Prison Entrepreneurship Program. Dallas’ Prison Entrepreneurship Program is not affiliated with SMU or Meadows School of the Arts.  

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  1. Bruno says:

    I think nowaday entrepreneurship more important than education it self


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