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GA Spotlight: Abdul Wasay

Ever wondered what it’s really like to juggle the demands of being a graduate student while diving headfirst into the world of professional work? We’ve asked some of our incredible graduate assistants (GAs) in the Division of Student Affairs to share the inside scoop, from the challenges faced to the triumphs celebrated.

Abdul Wasay ’24 is a graduate assistant for Academic Initiatives in Residence Life and Student Housing and is pursuing a Masters in Computer Science (AI Track). Read his insights below!

What is your favorite thing about your academic discipline/program?

AI being the most buzz-worthy trend of the year, it’s thrilling to be able to understand and answer questions about a topic that garners so much attention. It also helps that it is unlikely my role will be taken over by AI. *fingers crossed*

What are your potential career plans after graduating?

AI/ML Engineer, Data Scientist, Project Manager for AI/ML Projects

What skills, experiences, or relationships have you gained from your GA experience?

In my GA role at SMU, I’ve deepened my understanding of the university’s robust support systems and honed my skills in data-driven insights, contributing to impactful changes for future semesters. Witnessing the RLSH team’s commitment to “making campus home” has been incredibly inspiring, offering me a fresh perspective on the power of a strong, mission-driven approach. Additionally, my interactions within the department have fostered relationships that will outlast my tenure as a GA. 

What is your favorite Dallas (or Texas) experience so far?

Going to the rodeo in Fort Worth with the ISSS office. 

If you were in a yearbook for the Division of Student Affairs what would your “Senior Quote” be?

If you are not having fun, you’re doing it wrong. 

Do you have any advice for future GAs?

If you don’t know, just ask.