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GA Spotlight: Lily Anderson

Ever wondered what it’s really like to juggle the demands of being a graduate student while diving headfirst into the world of professional work? We’ve asked some of our incredible graduate assistants (GAs) in the Division of Student Affairs to share the inside scoop, from the challenges faced to the triumphs celebrated.

Lily Anderson ’24 works as a graduate assistant in the Hegi Family Career Development Center and is pursuing a Masters in Operations Research at the Lyle School of Engineering. Read her insights below!

What is your favorite thing about your academic program?

I love that my program is small enough that my professors are invested in my academics and career. It’s a privilege to learn from so many people who have real-world and research experience. Having those personal relationships with my professors adds priceless value to my degree.

What are your career plans after graduating?

My career plans after graduating this spring consist of staying in Dallas and working as a technology transformation consultant.

What skills, experiences or relationships have you gained from serving as a GA?

Working on the CDT team has taught me a lot not only about my own career development, but how to foster that development in others as well. I have also been able to deploy skills that I have learned in the classroom to real-world challenges which has been very rewarding.

What is your favorite Dallas (or Texas) experience so far?

I love Dallas in the spring time and enjoy being outside. Whether that means walking around White Rock Lake or the Katy trail, the weather is perfect for these outdoor activities!

If you were in a yearbook for the Division of Student Affairs what would your “Senior Quote” be?

What is meant for you won’t pass you by.

Do you have any advice for future GAs?

You have so many resources and good people available to you so don’t be afraid to ask for help or guidance!