Remembering Emanuel Borok

We in the Hamon Arts Library were saddened by the news that our friend Professor Emanuel Borok passed away on January 4. Among others, there have been many wonderful tributes to Mr. Borok by the Meadows School of the Arts and the Dallas Symphony, detailing accomplishments both in artistry as violinist and in teaching throughout his remarkable musical career.

Additional online forums and social media sites mentioned Mr. Borok’s kindness and beneficence as colleague, teacher, and friend. In Hamon, we experienced the same. It was always a pleasure to assist him when he visited. Simple library transactions—requests for purchasing or locating specific performing editions of music–invariably morphed into friendly chats, many times switching playfully from English to German or some other language. Topics ranged from travel stories, to favorite composers, and on one occasion, a recommendation for the Martin Scorsese film documentary My Voyage to Italy. He also supported the library by donating music scores and recordings to the Hamon collections.

I addressed Mr. Borok as “Il Maestro” and he would gently shake his head against such grandeur in address. But the designation was entirely appropriate. Merriam-Webster defines maestro as “a master, usually in an art” including an “eminent…teacher of music.” He met all of these distinctions and did so as a generous, kind person. It was a privilege to know him and he will be missed.

We invite our readers to share their remembrances in the comments, below.

Listen to Emanuel Borok

Emanuel Borok and Friends, all Beethoven concert, February 06, 2012

Pam Pagels, Music and Theater Librarian, Hamon Arts Library

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