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Congratulations! 2023-2024 Cohort of District Leadership Fellows Complete the Program

“The District Fellowship Program has been an invaluable experience. The immersive experience coupled with mentorship and networking helped me to embrace collaborative leadership and honed my strategic thinking. Engaging the program empowered me to lead with purpose!” Dr. Veronica Perkins, Superintendent, Blytheville School District

Two people working at desks, others in the background
Mrs. Janelle Thomas (left) and Dr. Veronica Perkins (right) working on their Impact Model drafts.

The 2023-2024 cohort of District Leadership Fellows have completed their year-long strengths-based leadership development program. The cohort first engaged with a book study before meeting at SMU for a Fall Retreat.  Online sessions for the full cohort and smaller Peer Groups continued throughout the Fall.  Fellows reconvened at SMU for the Winter Retreat before meeting online through the spring as they implemented their projects and completed the program.   

Dr. Matt Birdwell, Principal, Levelland ISD, appreciated the skills he acquired, noting “I firmly believe that this leadership program has provided me with additional skills to address specific needs on my campus and within our district. These are skills that I not only acquired from professionals in the field, but also leadership colleagues who face similar challenges every day.”

People working at desks
Dr. Matt Birdwell at the Fall Retreat.

Dr. Tracie Robinson, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and Leadership, Westwood ISD, appreciated the coaching, sayingThe most valuable aspect of the program for me was the coaching that is available by Dr. Bing. Dr. Bing has a unique way of helping you solve problems so that you can move forward in your thinking. The intellect that he combines with practice creates enthusiasm in problem-solving. 

People at desks watching a presentation
Dr. Eric G. Bing at the Fall Retreat.

Mr. Piña, Director of Transportation, Edgewood ISD, singled out networking as the most beneficial aspect, saying “The aspect that was most beneficial is the networking. The program has allowed me to cross paths with some amazing individuals in Texas and surrounding states. It is great to know that there are powerful leaders who are seeking to strengthen their skills to better themselves, but to also strengthen the district that they represent.”

People sitting at desks, smiling
Mr. Daniel Piña (left) and other cohort members at the Fall Retreat.

As a life-long learner, Ms. Gloria M. Walker, ESL Coordinator, Waxahachie ISD, summed up her experience sayingI believe in the importance of continually improving your craft and what I have learned as part of this cohort has been essential not only to my professional growth but also my personal growth. 

Four people posing at foot of stairs.
Cohort members Dr. Toriano Green, Dr. Angie Brooks, Ms. Gloria M. Walker and Dr. Kristin Hebert (left to right) at the Winter Retreat.

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 cohort of District Leadership Fellows!  We are proud of you and wish you continued success and growth on your leadership journeys.   

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