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2022-2023 Cohort of District Leadership Fellows Celebrate Completing the Program 

The District Leadership Fellows program offered me professional growth overall. By identifying my areas of strength as a leader and acknowledging the strengths of others on my team, we have shifted the way we lead in our district.” Mrs. Taylor Williams, Superintendent, Slidell ISD  

The 2022-2023 cohort of District Leadership Fellows celebrated the completion of the program.   Following an in-person kick-off at SMU, and online cohort and peer group sessions in the Fall, District Leaders met again at SMU for the Winter Retreat.  Having continued to meet online through the spring with program facilitators and their Peer Group, the cohort received support as they implemented their projects and completed the program.   

People seated at tables, one person talking
Leaders at the Winter Retreat

Of the program, Dr. Keena Bradley, Executive Director of Employee Services and Experience at Aldine ISD said District Leadership Fellows encouraged me to reflect on my role as a leader and created a space for me to enhance my capacity as a leader. The program is intentional in its approach to provide an opportunity for meaningful and collaborative dialogue for its participants to examine a problem of practice and implement goaloriented solutions. 

People sitting at tables, one person talking
Leaders at the Winter Retreat

Dr. Brad Hunt, Superintendent, Coppell ISD spoke for many when he said I found myself looking forward to each Friday’s session and eager to learn from the incredible people I have met through this process.”  He went on to say I am so glad I was accepted in the District Leadership Fellows I highly recommend this program to others. 

Congratulations to the 2022-2023 cohort of District Leadership Fellows!  We are proud of you and wish you continued success and growth on your leadership journeys.  

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Wired for Good | Lifesaving VR

A major Institute for Leadership Impact project was featured in an episode of SMU’s new web series, Wired for Good. The Virtual Reality Surgery Simulator (VRSS) project is featured alongside SMU’s digital initiatives in bionics and criminal justice.

The VRSS project is an international initiative designed to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of training surgeons in lower-income settings. To develop the simulator, SMU researchers from Simmons & Guildhall have partnered with an interdisciplinary team from King’s College London, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the University of Zambia.

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