Current projects around campus


The Kirby Hall cupola is currently being repaired and repainted.

The current schedule is as follows:
10/15-10/16 scaffolding set up
10/16-10/26 work performed
10/29-10/30 scaffolding removed

The project should take approximately ten days to complete.


The east entrance of Clements Hall is currently being refurbished to make general repairs to the portico and to restore the architectural features (pillars, soffit, and fascia) at this location. We expect the restoration work to be completed during October.

The East entrance is blocked, but the North, South, and West entrances, along the ones on the basement level remain unaffected.


The Patterson Hall re-roofing project is expected to begin soon.  The work should not affect students but may affect traffic for short periods on Dyer St. south of Patterson Hall.

This project will start Sept 17th and should be completed by October 29th.



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