Expressway Tower – Building work 10/27

Saturday, October 27th

  • Weather issues have prevented us from finishing the parking lot striping on the south side of the building, but we are hoping to wrap this up on Saturday. If you plan to be in the building on Saturday, please park on either the east or west side, or at the Aquatics Center.
  • We will be shutting off the building water at 5pm for a very short maintenance test. We expect service to be restored within one hour.

Ashlea Palladino, CFM, FMP | Associate Director, Property Management


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Turf Overseeding to begin 10/1

Beginning Monday October 1, the Landscape Management team will be preparing the Main Quad and Bishop Boulevard for the annual fall over seeding. We will mowing the turf a little shorter than normal, aerating the soil, spreading the seed and then watering.  There may be some extra watering during the day depending on temperature and rain fall.  We will be adjusting any watering times according to class times and days of the week. Any extra watering should only last a couple of weeks at which time we will be going back to our regular schedule.

Thank you,



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IPC Construction Site

Just a reminder – with the ongoing construction at the site of the new Indoor Performance Center, expect heavy congestion due to the steel deliveries, concrete trucks, and the foot traffic in the area between South Quad and main campus. Construction flaggers will guide pedestrian and vehicular traffic during all deliveries. Please stay safe and always be aware of your surroundings.


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Current projects around campus


The Kirby Hall cupola is currently being repaired and repainted.

The current schedule is as follows:
10/15-10/16 scaffolding set up
10/16-10/26 work performed
10/29-10/30 scaffolding removed

The project should take approximately ten days to complete.


The east entrance of Clements Hall is currently being refurbished to make general repairs to the portico and to restore the architectural features (pillars, soffit, and fascia) at this location. We expect the restoration work to be completed during October.

The East entrance is blocked, but the North, South, and West entrances, along the ones on the basement level remain unaffected.


The Patterson Hall re-roofing project is expected to begin soon.  The work should not affect students but may affect traffic for short periods on Dyer St. south of Patterson Hall.

This project will start Sept 17th and should be completed by October 29th.



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Gerald J. Ford Stadium to showcase new field level LED displays at home game opener!

Adding to the excitement of the home game experience, SMU Facilities and Athletics have teamed up to install new color video game boards on the north and south ends of the field in Gerald J. Ford Stadium.  Over the course of the summer, the installation was completed and the new video boards are a permanent fixture in the stadium that will be operational just in time for our home game opener tonight, Friday, September 7, 2018.

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Clements Hall – East entrance

The east entrance of Clements Hall is currently being refurbished to make general repairs to the portico and to restore the architectural features (pillars, soffit, and fascia) at this location. We expect the restoration work to be completed during October.

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Parking Lot striping – Expressway Tower

Parking Lot striping will start this weekend.  During Phase 1 we will need everyone to park in the SOUTH lot (indicated in blue) over the weekend while the east and west lot (indicated in red) is painted. Next weekend it will flip for Phase 2 and we will send out another reminder next week.  If you have any additional questions you can contact Lane Hardin at


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Hillcrest Parking Center update – 8/30

Construction fences are now in place and we have begun demolition of the old playground.


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Expressway Tower Building News

I am writing to follow up on a couple of outstanding building items. Please reach out if you have any questions – thanks!

  • Parking Lot

We will be working on final striping and signage over the next two weekends. The Aquatics lot will be cordoned off this weekend for sandblasting, so there may be Aquatics overflow into the Expressway Tower lot. The new signage package we are installing will include “reserved” signs for the covered parking spaces, as well as towing signs throughout the lot. We are still struggling with folks parking in other people’s reserved canopy spaces – please remember that the numbered, covered spaces are for use only by those who are assigned to the spaces. When necessary, we will begin towing once the signage package is in place. If someone is parked in your reserved space, please shoot Lane ( or myself and email with the license plate of the offending vehicle.

  • Chillers/Boilers Project

I received an update from the Project Manager yesterday, and I am thrilled to report there will be no future planned power outages for this project. We thought we might have a couple of outages linger into the fall, but I am assured that is not the case. In the next 2-3 weeks, there will be a need for this project team to enter some of your spaces. The work will be after hours, but Lane and I will coordinate the schedule with you ahead of time.

  • Domestic Plumbing Project

This project is complete, though we are finalizing some punch list items in the restrooms. We have walked the restrooms with the project team, and we are aware of the finish items that still need attention.

Thank you for your continued patience,

Ashlea Palladino, CFM, FMP | Associate Director, Property Management

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Construction beginning on new campus parking center

SMU is beginning construction of the new Hillcrest Parking Center, located north of Moore Hall and just east of Hillcrest Avenue. The new center will provide 440 parking spaces.

Construction starts this week and is expected to continue through December 15, 2019. The first phase of construction includes the demolition of Hawk Hall, scheduled for September 24, 2018.

As construction starts, please be aware of the following:

  • The construction zone will be surrounded by a fence, and a pathway will provide access to Martin and Moore halls. The pathway is marked in green on the map below.
  • Existing parking on the south and east sides of Moore Hall and on the west side of Kirby, Selecman and Prothro halls will not be available.

We appreciate your understanding as we construct SMU’s newest parking center.

SMU Office of Facilities Planning and Management

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