College Textbooks Now Available on the iPhone & iPod touch.

College students can now argue that the iPhone is required for college.

CourseSmart-iPhone.jpgCourseSmart, a revolutionary online subscription service for textbooks, has released a new iPhone app. The “eTextbooks for the iPhone,” allows users to access more than 7,000 titles from it’s CourseSmart library covering over 900 course areas across 113 disciplines. According to CourseSmart, “When you purchase eTextbooks from CourseSmart you will have access from any computer with Internet access as well as the iPhone application. Study the way that fits your schedule, whether that’s viewing text in the screen, printing out pages to read, or copy and pasting important passages into study guides.”

Beyond the benefit of having your textbook always with you, many of the eTextbooks are 60 to 75 percent of the cost of their physical cousins. Nice for an app that is free from Apple’s App Store.

Check out the app for yourself or read more about it.

Also, Todd R. Weiss of PC World has a nice write up of the app, including some questions that faculty may need to answer. The Todd R. Weiss article is available at

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