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GA Spotlight: Nicole Sood

Ever wondered what it’s really like to juggle the demands of being a graduate student while diving headfirst into the world of professional work? We’ve asked some of our incredible graduate assistants (GAs) in the Division of Student Affairs to share the inside scoop, from the challenges faced to the triumphs celebrated.

Nicole Sood ’24 works in Residence Life and Student Housing and is pursuing an M.S in Computer Science from the Lyle School of Engineering. Read her insights below!

What is your favorite thing about your academic discipline?

I love the creativity and innovation that drives the development of the field. Additionally, it provides so many opportunities for growth and personal development in terms of how you approach problems and can be applied to so many different fields.

What are your career plans after graduating?

After graduation, I will be working as a Technical Consultant – with hopes to branch into Project Management.

What skills and experiences have you gained from serving as a GA?

Serving as a GA has allowed me to grow as a leader. I have gotten such great mentorship from my supervisors, which in turn helps me to support my own team. Additionally, this GAship allowed me to deeper my connections with the Greater Dallas community and take part in some amazing learning opportunities such as the Place Based Community Engagement Symposium.

What is your favorite Dallas (or Texas) experience so far?

My favorite Texas experience definitely has to be all the good food that Texas has to offer! Especially in Dallas, having access to so many different cultures – leading to some amazing snacks!

If you were in a yearbook for the Division of Student Affairs what would your “Senior Quote” be?

“In my GA Era”

Do you have any advice for future GAs?

Take all the opportunities the department has to offer! You will not regret it. Student Affairs has such a diverse population of employees, all with different backgrounds and experiences. Everyone is willing to have a conversation and support you in whatever you need.