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Winning generosity, extraordinary impact

Thank you, Mustangs! We’re so grateful to the 516 alumni donors who contributed $119,376 during the Mustang Momentum Challenge. Let’s keep that momentum going. We’ve raised nearly $67,000 for SMU’s current-use funds already. We need fewer than 50 alumni donors to reach our $75,000 goal. Make an instant impact – give now!

The Mustang Momentum Challenge is complete, and we are thrilled to announce $119,376 was raised by 516 alumni in just 14 days! Of that amount, nearly $67,000 was given to a current-use SMU Fund.
With Homecoming days away, we are raising the stakes and challenging our alumni to reach $75,000 to SMU’s current-use funds. During the past fourteen days, SMU alumni made an average gift of $171. Some quick math reveals that we need fewer than 50 alumni donors to reach our $75,000 goal.
If you want to make a difference in the education of a current SMU student, become one of these donors today.
Read more at Mustang Momentum.

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