Year: 2019

What to say about Dan Wingren 

I, for one, was a little intimidated by Dan. He was a wonderful painter, philosopher, Renaissance man (it was rumored he built his own computers, and wrote a book on design, for instance), and sometime oracle. Sporting a Cheshire cat grin, he would expound thoughtfully about our work, art history, and whatever else might be…Continue Reading What to say about Dan Wingren 

Hollywood Bookshelves

It’s always fun to come across evidence of provenance in our collection.  From bookplates belonging to eighteenth century aristocrats, to the carefully written name of a young reader on the front page of a nineteenth century children’s book, I can’t help but imagine the life of a book’s previous owners. For our newly accessioned copy…Continue Reading Hollywood Bookshelves

Jerry Bywaters and the history of the Lomax House

What does Jerry Bywaters and John Lomax, and John’s son, Alan, have in common…SMU and the Southwest Review! Alan Lomax’s music archive is now online! “First litho made Jan. 1, 1935” appears in Jerry Bywaters’s handwriting on the first page of his print notebook for the print Gargantua.  This was a decisive date for…Continue Reading Jerry Bywaters and the history of the Lomax House

Archival Precedent: Walid Raad | The Atlas Group

Elizabeth Moran’s investigation into the origin of fact-checked news in the company archives at TIME magazine, Against the Best Possible Sources, concerns the (im)possibility of truth in both method and content. Henry Luce and Briton Hadden founded TIME magazine in 1923, we learn from Moran, as an “exhaustively scrutinized” alternative to the sensationalized, rapid-fire news media of…Continue Reading Archival Precedent: Walid Raad | The Atlas Group

SMU Libraries Digital Collections Update: November 2019

In November 2019, SMU Libraries uploaded 670 items into SMU Libraries Digital Collections. Highlights include: 66 photographic prints and pamphlets, 1872-1960s. This project was made possible by a grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services and Texas State Library and Archives Commission (Grant Number TXT-20008). (2020). Among these are cookbooks from the…Continue Reading SMU Libraries Digital Collections Update: November 2019

Someone’s In the Kitchen

The holiday season is upon us! For many that means cookies, cakes, and pies…oh my. I have some very distinct wonderful memories of holiday baking with both my mother and grandmother. Scattered throughout the Archives of Women of the Southwest and the manuscript holdings of the DeGolyer are countless recipes and cookbooks ranging from Caroline…Continue Reading Someone’s In the Kitchen

Film review: Parasite

While watching Tom and Jerry (or Beavis and Butthead, or Ren and Stimpy), I sometimes wondered if the animated mayhem turned truly physical, if the anvils dropped from upper floors landed with the effect those anvils would have on the unfortunates below in reality, what would be the shift in tone in the cartoon?  What…Continue Reading Film review: Parasite

Dan Wingren as professor at SMU

The Jerry Bywaters Special Collections at SMU has a good archive of Wingren’s materials, which is so appropriate considering that he graduated from SMU, taught at SMU, and he was greatly admired by Bywaters. However, Wingren’s SMU connections are a small part of his distinguished career as an excellent painter and as a highly respected…Continue Reading Dan Wingren as professor at SMU