Construction Related Notice Use Caution: Bishop Boulevard Southbound Traffic Reduces to One Lane

Start: Tuesday, April 27th Completion: Saturday, May 29th (weather permitting) 

Construction activities on Bishop Boulevard will block one southbound lane

One southbound lane will remain open to traffic at all times, but the two lanes will merge into one at the designated area (see map below)

Proceed through area with caution

Bishop Closure

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Construction Related Notice Vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be blocked between Mary Hay and Peyton Halls due to crane activity

Monday, April 19th a crane will arrive and a temporary fence will be placed between Mary Hay and Peyton Halls

Duration of crane operation is anticipated to be approximately 2 months

For safety the area surrounding the crane will be inaccessible

A temporary fence will block all traffic (vehicle and pedestrian)

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Construction Related Notice: Entrance and Exit to Hillcrest Parking Center will be inaccessible to allow for sealing of west side of Level 2 concrete deck

Access to all vehicles parked in the parking center will not be available during the following times:

Friday, April 16th 4:00pm until Saturday, April 17th at 7:00am

If you require access to your parked vehicle during the hours between 4:00pm on Friday, April 16th through Saturday, April 17th at 7:00am, please remove prior to 4:00pm on Friday April 16th and relocate to other designated AUP spaces.

Map of Hillcrest Parking Center entrance and exit on Campus

SMU address and decorative bar

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Construction Related Notice

North Loop Steam Shutdown Required to Repair Steam Leak in West Side of Annette Caldwell Simmons Tunnel


  • Steam leak in tunnel on west side of Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall will be repaired
  • Steam Shutdown will take place in the following buildings:

 –  Fondren Science Building                     –   Fondren Library Center / SIC

–  Dedman Life Science                              –   Heroy Hall                                              

–  Dallas Hall                                                  –   Hyer Hall

–  Carr Collins Hall                                       –   Perkins Administration Building

–  Florence Hall                                             –   McFarlin Auditorium

–  Underwood Law Library                        –   Annette Caldwell Simmons Hall

–  Storey Hall                                                 –   Harold Clark Simmons Hall      

  • This will only affect hot water and HVAC heat to affected buildings
  • Water will be available for toilets, hand washing, etc.


  • Thursday, March 11th 9am – 3pm





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