Two SMU students listed among nation’s “best and brightest business majors”

Poets & Quants, an online publication that covers American business schools, honored SMU students Sabrina Janski and Myles Lee as two of “The Best and Brightest Business Majors – class of 2016” in a story published on Dec. 8.

“They are two of our best leaders in the Cox corps,” says Cox School of Business Associate Dean Jim Bryan. “They exemplify everything we want in a student. Each is humble, poised, confident, successful and ambitious with integrity.”

“As someone who works at Cox, it’s incredible to see them recognized and given the forum to tell their stories to the world,” Bryan adds.

Lee and Janski, who are set to graduate in spring 2016, have impressive resumes crowded with internships, leadership roles and examples of community service. Both look to build on their SMU educations with ambitious career goals.

Janski, an accounting major from Centennial Colorado, has been an SMU resident assistant for three years and held leadership roles in several student organizations

“It was really cool seeing all the hard work I’ve put in be recognized,” says Janski. “I’m waiting to hear back to see if I’m in the Masters of Science in Accounting program, and then I’ll study for the CPA exam next year. I have an internship with Price Waterhouse Coopers this upcoming spring, and I’m hoping that will turn into a full time job offer.”

Lee, an accounting major from Lafayette Louisiana, was a member of SMU’s Sheraton Hawaii Bowl 2012 championship football team and launched two startup companies during his time at SMU.

“It feels humbling to represent a place like Cox Business School on a national stage,” says Lee. “I really like working with startups, so I think I’d love to be a venture capitalist one day. Whatever field I go into, I want to become an expert in that field.”

The full Poets & Quants story can be found online here.