SMU senior invents asthma-detecting smartphone accessory

SMU senior Eddie Allegra and his company BioLum Sciences recently beat out four Dallas-area competitors to win a Global Student Entrepreneur award for his smartphone-based imaging system that can detect asthma. The award, granted by Entrepreneurs Organization, brings with it a number of prizes valued at more than $7,000. Allegra will next present his project at the national EO competition in Miami in February.

“I want to go in a store and be able to purchase my product,” Allegra says. “I want to be able to see someone use my product, I want someone to come up to me and tell me how much better their life is because of what I’ve done.”
“Winning money is nice and winning competitions, its nice, but at this point I really need to make this a reality and change the world with this,” Allegra says.

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