One day’s TEDx talk is the next day’s great invention

SMU student used groundswell of feedback and support to launch green-energy turbine company

Last spring, senior mechanical engineering major Jonah Kirby was standing on a stage, delivering a TEDx talk at Inside SMU about his plan for wind turbines designed to power the houses they sit on.
Six months later, he’s turning that dream into a reality.

After receiving positive feedback on his plan after the talk, Kirby launched Fiddler, which he describes as, “a company focused on making the right choices for the environment.”
Progress has been speedy.

“We are excited for rapid development over the next few months,” Kirby says. “We’re hoping to see our smart-connected turbine become the next home appliance.”

None of it would have been possible if not for scholarships Kirby received through the SMU Provost’s Office and the Lyle School of Engineering, he says. “They allowed me to attend SMU instead of the University of Texas, and I couldn’t be happier about that,” Kirby says.

“The opportunities I have had at Lyle are unparalleled,” Kirby says. “I’ve done everything I can to explore my interests in design thinking, innovation and prototyping outside the traditional curriculum.”

On Oct. 21, Kirby won an all expense paid trip to the RECESS Pitch Finals in January in Las Angeles, where he’ll have a chance to earn prizes that will support his dreams for Fiddler.