Honor a Faculty Member

This year, as part of The Second Century Celebration, SMU is commemorating the Year of the Faculty, marking the extraordinary contributions of the University’s esteemed faculty as researchers, teachers and University citizens.

There are many ways to honor your favorite faculty members during the Year of the Faculty:

Share Your Memories

SMU invites alumni and students to share memories of favorite professors and the life-changing impacts they have made. Selected memories will be featured on this website, at SMU’s Centennial Hall and in SMU publications.

FacultyPaverCommemorate Their Impact With a Centennial Paver

By making a special $100 gift, you can recognize your favorite faculty member with an etched paver on SMU’s Centennial Promenade, to be constructed on Ownby Drive for the 100th anniversary of SMU’s opening in 2015. If SMU has current contact information, a note will be sent to the faculty member in recognition of your gift.

Make A Gift of Any Size

Consider making a gift of any size to SMU in honor of your favorite faculty member and in support of his or her specific academic program. For information about other opportunities to honor faculty members, please contact an SMU Development Officer.

Give an Endowed Faculty Chair

Endowments created through The Second Century Campaign provide permanent funding for scholarships, faculty positions, research opportunities, academic programs and facilities. With endowed faculty chairs, SMU can recruit top faculty and reward current faculty for outstanding research and teaching.

Normally, a gift designated for an endowed faculty position takes five years to become fully funded before an appointment can be made. But during The Second Century Campaign, the Board of Trustees established new centennial endowments in recognition of SMU’s 100th anniversary. These giving opportunities provide permanent funding as well as operational funds to initiate the faculty position or scholarship quickly. For example, Centennial Distinguished Chairs are endowed at $2.5 million, plus start-up funding of $1 million for the first five years to provide immediate support for the position and related research. Other funding levels create Centennial chairs and professorships.

To date, SMU has 96 substantially endowed faculty chairs. SMU’s Board of Trustees recently increased the targeted goal from 100 to 110 endowed faculty positions for the remaining two years of The Second Century Campaign. The number is significant because of what it tells the rest of the world about the University, including organizations that rank colleges and universities, says Linda Eads, associate provost for faculty affairs and Dedman School of Law professor.

“The best faculty in the country note if SMU is hiring for and growing its number of endowed chairs. It means that SMU is on the move academically and that our alumni and donors support our goals in this area. To attract the best faculty you have to match what other comparable institutions are offering, and endowed chair support enables us to do that. Raising funds for endowed chairs shows that we are going after the best and keeping the best.” Eads also notes that endowed chairs often attract external funding for their research, particularly in the sciences and engineering. “Most importantly, what they bring with them is their network and ability to bring us into the national discussion in a variety of areas,” she says.

For more information about opportunities to create an endowed faculty chair position, please contact an SMU Development Officer.