Books and controversy

Faculty publishing plays an important role in academic life and interests the broader community as well. The SMU Bookstore, located at 3060 Mockingbird Lane, features a special section of faculty books and offers a holiday discount for faculty and staff.

Each year, News and Communications in the Office of Public Affairs, celebrate faculty books with a holiday gift list of recent works. ( To submit books published in 2014, please check here

SMU faculty members also have weighed in on controversial textbook issues, providing expert testimony to the State Board of Education in Austin on the quality and accuracy of proposed textbooks.

In September 2014, Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences faculty members Ron Wetherington, Kathleen Wellman, David Brockman and Edward Countryman spoke out about what they see as “flawed” and “distorted” textbooks being considered for Texas classrooms.

Another Dedman College faculty member, Mark Chancey, Department of Religious Studies, is a nationally recognized religious studies expert on political and academic issues raised by public school Bible courses. He published the 2013 study “Reading, Writing & Religion II,” which found that most of Texas’ 60 public school districts offering Bible study courses are not meeting a 2007 state law mandating the courses be fair as well as academically and legally sound.