A memory submitted by R.B. Drennan, Class of 1980

My SMU faculty memory:
Dr. Tom Fomby was my professor for Econ 1311 in the spring of 1976. He superior ability to teach complex concepts in microeconomics in a clear and meaningful fashion motivated me to consider a major in economics. I took several other classes from Dr. Fomby and regularly looked to him for advice and counsel throughout my time at SMU. Dr. Fomby further motivated and inspired me to consider an academic career and I eventually earned a PhD at the Wharton School. I now am a tenured faculty member in the Fox School of Business at Temple University. Dr. Fomby played an extraordinary role in my career and the influence I have on my current students is directly attributable to him. I am extremely grateful for his guidance while a student…..and I still look to him regularly for advice even today.