A memory submitted by Kellie Prinz Johnson, Class of 1996

My SMU faculty memory:
Almost every day I’m rushing to get my kids to school on time. Sadly, we’re tardy more than we should be – thankfully it’s usually just a minute or two, but still… Every single time we’re late, I think of Dr. Bradley Kent Carter. I took every poli sci class he taught, and he was the University Marshall when I graduated. More than once I heard him talk of the “Mustang Mystique.” He often wondered how SMU grads made it in the “real world” and if we continued to be late for work like we were always late for class. Well, Dr. Carter, we are just as late in the “real world” as we were at SMU, but thankfully our SMU education provides us great jobs so we can mostly get away with it. 🙂