A memory submitted by Laura Veresh Lind, Class of 2003

I truly believe the SMU faculty are some of the best in the world and their commitment to the students makes SMU more than a simple university…it was a family. For me, the term “faculty” encompasses not just the professors, who were all wonderful, but also those who support the students in other capacities. Together they shaped me and helped change my life for the better.

Some of my favorite memories include:

  • Listening to any of Dr. Alessandra Comini’s riveting lectures. She always made art history in the 19th century come alive, combining the love of music, history of the time period, and accompanying art
  • Talking about life with Joy Richardson, Carol Porter and other faculty members before classes started in the Art History Department, Communications Department, and in the Office of New Student Programs
  • Visiting the new Meadows Museum with Dr. Pamela Patton and seeing the rare books in the library
  • Learning about classical cultures in Europe and New York with Dr. Karl Kilinski, Dr. Melissa Dowling, Dr. Greg Warden, Dr. Paula Lemmon and the other students
  • Talking with Dr. Rita Kirk and Kathy LaTour about whether or not to accept a job opportunity in Washington, DC that would change my life.I accepted it and my career skyrocketed thanks to their advice
  • Working with Claudia Khami, Brandon Miller, Deanie Kepler, Carol Porter, and Arlene Manthey to create orientation events and activities for incoming students. The incredible opportunities they gave me early in my SMU career gave me skills that I was able to apply immediately in the workforce
  • Seeing the unwavering devotion and support that the faculty members gave not only to me, but to other students before, during, and after their SMU tenure