Raising achievement in every school district

Dr. Lee Alvoid

Clinical Associate Professor and Department Chair
Department of Education Policy and Leadership
Simmons School of Education and Human Development

Training principals for new roles is key to new U.S. Department of Education school reforms, according to a new report by SMU education researchers Dr. Lee Alvoid and Dr. Wall Lesley Black, Jr. They examined school districts in the forefront of supporting and training effective principals in their recent report, “The Changing Role of the Principal: How High-Achieving Districts are Recalibrating School Leadership,” published by the Center for American Progress.

Dr. Alvoid brings a unique background to her research as a former school principal, classroom teacher and education consultant. She was named Chair of Simmons’ Department of Education Policy and Leadership in 2010. She helped develop new programs in Educational Leadership: a principal certification and three additional degrees including a M.Ed. with a specialization in urban school leadership, a specialization in higher education leadership and a Ph.D. specialization in Policy and Leadership.


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