A memory submitted by Suzanne Cubberly Street, Class of 1954

I realize I have not been a very good alumna to “my” wonderful school! But when I read in the Spring-Summer 2014 edition of SMU Magazine, the article entitled “In A Class Of Their Own”, I felt compelled to write about the huge influence of my Number One professor during my four years at SMU. (I had several other professors who were a great influence upon me, (and still are), but those are other stories to be told later). The first class I attended with Ed Bearden was tremendous in scope; in opening up my mind; in formulating what I wanted to do the rest of my life. The subject was Life Drawing, and I am still practicing the procedures as of this day. He was able to bring out all the talents of anyone who enrolled in his classes. He inspired the student to want to draw, then draw more, then expand as far as possible. This learning procedure, of course, did not happen over night. I began his class, after my freshman year in 1950, and continued through 1954: MW 10-12 am, in Dallas Hall. He also taught my classes in oil painting, and Commercial Art. I have enclosed a brief glimpse of my latest work- which of course has the foundation of true life drawing – from gesture to contour to completed detail of the figure. And none of these drawings could have been executed without the influence of Ed Bearden.